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The mission of CSSi is to provide innovative patient enrollment and retention planning and performance designed to exceed our client's expectations. We achieve this mission by addressing the key factors in a successful patient recruitment campaign: the right strategy for the protocol and the right tools to complete enrollment on time and on budget.



CSSi is an advocate of patients receiving the highest quality of medical care while enrolled in a clinical trial. Our goal is to help our clients conduct efficient and quality clinical trials while reducing enrollment timelines and cost by delivering strategic solutions that utilize our expertise in developing site-specific patient recruitment plans.

Get Screened! And Spread the Message About Colorectal Cancer - Preventable, Treatable & Beatable

March is Colorectal Awareness Month. Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer related deaths in the US.  It affects people of all racial and ethnic groups and is most often found in people age 50 and older. The good news? It is highly curable when found and treated in its early stages...which makes this a good time to review current and newly approved screening tools.

Common colon cancer screening tests include the colonoscopy, the flexible sigmoidoscopy, the double contrast barium enema, and the CT colonography (the virtural colonoscopy). New to the market for those with average risk is Cologuard, the first non-invasive DNA stool based screening test. It works by detecting the presence of red blood cells and DNA mutations that may indicate the presence of certain kinds of abnormal growths that may be cancers or precursors to cancer. It requires a prescription from a physician and involves taking a stool sample in the comfort of your own home and sending it to a lab. Patients with positive test results are advised to undergo a diagnostic colonoscopy. 

While there were 143,000 new cases of colorectal cancer diagnosed in the US last year, one third of Americans fail to follow the public health recommendations for those with average risk to begin screenings with colonoscopies every ten years starting at 50. The reasons for opting out of screenings may be due to the invasive nature of the colonoscopy. While Cologuard is not meant to replace colonoscopies, its ease of use may encourage people to begin the process of screening.

The American Cancer Society and National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable have a shared goal of achieving 80% screened for colorectal cancer by 2018. We can use this month to raise awareness about colorectal cancer. Encourage your friends and loved ones this month (and every month!) to talk to their doctor about the best time and method to be screened.

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CSSi Quadruples Screening Activity and Speeds Enrollment for Pediatric Dermatology Study

March 30, 2015

Glen Burnie, MD – CSSi, (www.CSSiEnroll.com) the leader in patient recruitment solutions for the clinical research industry, recently partnered with a major pharmaceutical company to help with a dermatology study that was falling quickly behind their enrollment timeline. CSSi, through its expert recruitment strategies and customized site support programs, increased the number of patients each site was screening and enrolling, and also increased the number of sites actively recruiting. Through CSSi, the screening activity quadrupled in the first month of support and the enrollment goal was achieved two weeks early.

The study sponsor brought in CSSi after enrollment was falling behind the projected timeline. CSSi was contacted initially for advertising, specifically database mailings. After further research and discussion, CSSi determined a number of significant challenges with the study:  competitive studies (there were 50+ open acne studies in the U.S. and sites were not focused on their study), the study lacked recruitment tools (only flyer and print ads were available), and short enrollment timeline (the sponsor wanted to complete enrollment with six months).

Within two weeks of contract, CSSi had assessed each site’s enrollment needs and developed a recruitment strategy and site enrollment plans, which included a Patient Awareness Kit (included brochures, flyers, banners, informed consent flip chart, etc.) advertisements (television & radio, with media plans based on the target audience of mothers), as well as strategies for sites to recruit more effectively from within their practice and local community network which CSSi’s Local Enrollment Specialists™ helped them to execute.

Recruitment for any pediatric clinical trial is challenging. CSSi was able to engage the sites to commit to the execution of their enrollment plans. This strategy not only increased the number of patients each site was screening/enrolling, but increased the number of sites actively recruiting. Within one week of support there was an immediate impact in the recruitment activity and screening of patients from within their practice. The screening activity quadrupled the first month of support and the enrollment goal was achieved two weeks early. 

About CSSi 

CSSi delivers global solutions that ensure successful enrollment, on time, every time. Through its innovative enrollment planning and full-service patient recruitment solutions, CSSi is able to reduce the costs and timelines associated with recruitment of subjects for clinical studies. CSSi is the only patient recruitment company with a worldwide team of Local Enrollment Specialists™ (LES™), on the ground, close to sites and able to meet your study's recruitment goals on time.

CSSi has a commitment and passion for finding life cycle solutions to bring drugs or devices to market quickly by reducing development costs and resources. Our vision is to ensure that the best possible medicines and devices reach patients as quickly as possible.​ For more information on CSSi, visit www.CSSiEnroll.com , or contact Shannon Powell, Marketing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 443-308-5809.

  •    It was a long journey, and we are all delighted at the successful outcome. We appreciate the support [the CSS] team provided along the way. Hopefully, we can work together again in the future.

  •    You have made our advertising so much easier and taken time off my plate, which is always appreciated. We look forward to a prosperous relationship ahead!

    -Investigative Site
  •    …greatly appreciate your help throughout the year. You have taken a significant burden off my shoulders over the past several years.

    -Investigative Site
  •    I cannot begin to express my appreciation for a job well done and the continued efforts you place to ensure that this study was a success! Your candor and transparency has been refreshing and I am fortunate to have partnered with such a great group of patient recruitment and retention experts! You are wonderful!

    -Top 10 CRO
  •     I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for continuing to do a great job and meeting our expectations. I could not be more pleased with the teamwork and efficiency in which you both approach (our) study!

    Top 10 CRO
  •    To begin with, please let yourteam know that everyone is doing a FANTASTIC job with compiling the information for this difficult study.

    -Top 10 CRO
  •    I would not hesitate to use CSS again! Your team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I consider us friends as well. If you are ever in the Raleigh area, please let me know.

  •    We had the phones ringing off the hook for a few days, and we ended with approximately 60 individuals who sounded like viable screeners from the contact list. They are spread out over the next six weeks. Up to this time we have only screened about 30 others (before campaign) had 16 that were cultured and four successfully enrolled, so we are running about 11% from screen appointment to successfully enrolled! By the way, overall this is the best ad response we have ever had!

    -Dermatology Investigator
  •    If this sounds like a "paid advertisement" for CSS, it's not. I just can't say enough good things about how they have helped us grow as a site by putting our name out there in a very professional way. To me it only makes sense to use CSS or a company like them (I just think they are the best one). We are in the business of research, not advertising. Let the experts in advertising handle that job for your site and put your energy into doing what you do best…research.

    -Multi-specialty Investigative Site
  •    It is a PLEASURE working with the CSS team! I could not be more pleased with the progress thus far and feel that the communication and team oriented approach is EXACTLY what we are looking for.

    -Top 10 CRO

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