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MyClinicalTrial ID: Removing Barriers to Patient Recruitment

  • By Gabrielle DiSalvo
  • 05-Jun-2019

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Within the world of patient recruitment for clinical trials, delayed timelines and unforeseen budget issues are often the norm. But, what if just a bit of strategic planning up-front decreased the possibility of these barriers?

For many years, CSSi had noticed studies were failing to enroll for two reasons:

  1. Sites did not have the patient database they promised to have when they were selected for the study
  2. Sites did not have the tools or bandwidth to properly search through their database for those promised patients

To solve these problems, we developed MyClinicalTrial ID (MCT ID) - a query tool that uses de-identified patient data to find eligible patients through a confidential and HIPAA compliant process.

MCT ID improves investigator site selection and patient recruitment efforts, and it increases study success by guaranteeing that only sites with patients who meet the study criteria will be selected to participate as investigative sites.

Without a tool like MCT ID, there is no way to validate a site's patient population against the study's inclusion/exclusion criteria.

MCT Site ID for Feasibility

This platform can search the site's de-identified patient records to ensure the site has the most eligible patients for your study. MCT Site ID reduces the risks and guesswork associated with the investigator identification process, allowing sponsors and CROs to evaluate a site's access to protocol-eligible patients by comparing the protocol's I/E criteria against a site's patient database.

Once the study is open for enrollment, the site can immediately contact patients from the list MCT ID generates, which results in enrolling three to five times more patients in an accelerated timeframe.

MCT Patient ID for Recruitment

Sites already recruiting for your study can increase their enrollment rate by searching their database of real-time medical data against the study protocol's I/E criteria, yielding patients that are ready to be screened for the study.

When paired with our Local Enrollment Specialist (LES) solution, MCT Patient ID decreases the time it takes for busy sites to identify and recruit eligible patients. Our LES team can come on site for secondary chart review filtering, freeing up the time it would take the study coordinator to complete this task.

Ready to identify sites with your study's patient population or allow sites currently recruiting for your study to quickly identify eligible patients within their database? Contact CSSi to learn how MCT ID is the solution to study startup and enrollment delays.

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Watching videos and tv shows on devices other than the TV in the family room, catching up on your favorite sitcom on-demand because you weren't home to watch it at 8pm when it originally aired, or streaming videos on YouTube to pass time. As the years go by, technology and media are changing – and so is how we are using them.

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Each year, $1.89 billion is spent on patient recruitment for clinical trials.1 With a 30% average dropout rate across all clinical trials, many pharmaceutical companies are spending a large amount of money to recruit patients who aren't staying enrolled in their trials.

Needed study data for regulatory submission and the overall success of a clinical trial depend largely on study participants fulfilling their roles and responsibilities until the very last day.

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B: You're sitting in a doctor's office, and you see a poster for the Face It Acne Research Study, a clinical trial testing medication for acne in adults.

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