Creative Development


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Study Branding

Logo and study branding that makes your study stands out from competing studies and resonates with your target patient population


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Recruitment Materials

Patient & medical professional study materials (flyers, brochures, etc.) that provide an overview of the study and key information for patients to make an informed decision about participation


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Study Websites

Design and development of website that provides study-specific, condition-related, and clinical trial-related information to potential participants and their caregivers, if applicable


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Radio and TV Production

Script writing, storyboarding, and production of 15-60 second radio and TV spots that will assist in raising awareness about your study



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Digital Campaigns

Ad content development for use across social media and search engine campaigns, including image selection and the creation of banner ads


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Patient Videos

Script writing, storyboarding, and production of educational patient videos that can be used to provide general information about the study to patients and to assist with the informed consent process