Patient Recruitment

Digital Advertising and Traditional Media Placement


Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the most targeted and cost-effective method of recruiting patients for study participation. When developing a recruitment plan that includes digital advertising, we consider:

  • • Social media
  • • Search engine marketing
  • • Email outreach
  • • Over-the-top (OTT/streaming) media

To further ensure only the highest qualified potential patients and their interest in your clinical study, Patient Advertising Guru has created a software to provide the best possible results. RSR is powered backstage by Patient Advertising Guru’s proprietary digital/social media advertising strategies. RSR reaches potential patients who live close to your sites based on a variety of targeting criteria and ensures we reach them with your study advertising multiple times. Based upon successful referral characteristics, RSR can intuitively further refine the targeting criteria to reach more people who match that profile— increasing the chances we find and inform the right people about your study. While we enjoy a robust response as much as anyone, we value quality over quantity. Our targeting ensures we drive people who are more likely to qualify rather than high volumes of people who have no intention of participating, even if they do qualify.


Media Buying and Placement

Patient Guru and CSSi’s media buying is effective because we know how successfully purchase media and how to be the most budget friendly with it.

We adhere to the principles of direct response, which means that every way we advertise has the sole objective to generate immediate and qualified responses from your target patient audience. Most clinical study timelines do not have the luxury of time and repetition.

  • • Television
  • • Radio
  • • Print
  • • Outdoor/Public (park benches, billboards)
  • • Online/Social media


Study Coordinator and Site Support

Our team of Local Enrollment Specialists (LES) work as an extension of the site staff to assist with recruitment activities and drive enrollment. Acting as a dedicated recruitment resource for the site, using our LES team through this model has proven to increase screening and enrollment numbers for the supported studies.

An Industry Gamechanger – Differentiators of our LES Team

  • • Local to the region or country they support, giving them a strong understanding of culture, customs, and regulations
  • • Experience as previous study coordinators, allowing them to understand pain points and operations at site level


On-Site/Virtual Support

LES reviewing with clientThe LES assist in the execution of on-site recruitment activities and maximize database results:

  • • Chart reviews/EMR database searches
  • • Secondary patient pre-screening
  • • Patient follow-up and study visit scheduling
  • • Reminder calls and lost to follow-up support

Medical Professional Outreach

The LES communicates with the site’s referring medical professional network to raise awareness of the study and motivate them to look for qualified patients for this program within their own practice. They will also work to establish relationships with new referring medical professionals.

Community Outreach

CSSi identifies all avenues for outreach within the community that may interface with the potential study patient and/or their families. To raise awareness for your study, the LES work with key community leaders to distribute study materials and plan local events.

National Advocacy Outreach

CSSi has established relationships with many national and local advocacy organizations that provide support to patients within the study’s target population. We leverage these relationships to increase awareness for the study at both the national and local level.

Patient Pre-Screening

Web and Phone Screeners

CSSi develops patient pre-screening questionnaires based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria found in the study’s protocol. Patients can complete this pre-screening questionnaire to determine their initial study eligibility. Individuals who pre-qualify for the study and have a study site near them are sent to the study coordinator for further screening.

LES Secondary Pre-Screening

After a patient completes the pre-screening questionnaire and pre-qualifies for the study, the LES can contact the patient for a more in-depth secondary pre-screening before sending the referral to the site.

Referral Management

Generating interest and gathering a pool of pre-qualified patients is just one part of the recruitment process. It is important to ensure each pre-qualified patient who has expressed interest in the study is contacted within 24-48 hours.

To assist with this process, our LES team can:

  • • Manage the flow and pace of patient referrals
  • • Ensure follow-up is conducted in an expedient manner
  • • Assist with patient scheduling and secondary pre-screening
  • • Track outcomes of all pre-qualified patients sent to the site for further screening

Electronic Healthcare Retrieval

Medical Records Retrieval

  • • Streamlined Release Authorization via Docusign
  • • Electronic Records Requistion to Physician(s)
  • • Secure Transmission to Study Portal

Remove Your Sites' Burden of Collecting Medical Records

  • • Faster turn-around of EHR
  • • Increases site opt-in to recruitment program
  • • Facilitates a more consent-ready subject
  • • Affordable flat-rate pricing per record

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