Patient Retention


The retention of patients that have enrolled into a study is critical to its success. When patients are lost to follow up or are non-compliant, new patients are needed and time and money is lost. Much of the retention and compliance responsibilities fall on the study coordinator, who is strained for time to deal with such details. To overcome these challenges, CSSi has two solutions:

Local Enrollment Specialist (LES) Site Support

To assist with patient retention, our LES team can alleviate some of the study coordinator burden by completing the following on behalf of the study coordinator:

  • • Patient follow-up
  • • Study visit scheduling/rescheduling
  • • Reminder calls
  • • Lost to follow-up support


Automated Retention Platform

Once patients are enrolled into your study, the emphasis shifts ensuring they stay compliant throughout the duration of the study. When study-related tasks stay top of mind for enrolled study participants, they are more likely to adhere to protocol requirements.

CSSi’s retention platform simplifies the workload of the study coordinator by automating many of the tasks required to keep patients focused on the study and aware of their responsibilities as a study participant. Key features of the platform include:

  • • A detailed study visit guide
  • • Direct site-to-patient messaging
  • • Automated study visit reminders
  • • Study calendar
  • • Visit scheduling
  • • General study information