Alert image Patient Recruitment & Retention
During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Support For Clinical Trials

Over the past few months, many in the pharmaceutical research industry have endured difficult times due to COVID-19. Not only have people’s lives been affected but businesses and operations have drastically been changed. These changes are beginning to trickle down and have an impact on clinical trials, including study enrollment and patient retention. Sponsors and CROs are exploring options to continue clinical trials virtually, and some have delayed study starts or paused enrollment on current studies.

As an industry, we have always come to together and collaborated through challenging times and this is no exception. We at CSSi would like to bring a sense of peace and order to you regarding clinical research studies. CSSi has the experience to help you navigate through these upcoming months. With over 15 years of experience recruiting patients in 40+ countries, our team is operational and ready to assist you. We want to remind you that we have been providing virtual capabilities for years, and we will continue to do so. To keep your study moving forward and to prepare for the future, we can work with you and your sites on the following:

Virtual Study Coordinator Support

Our Local Enrollment Specialists can provide virtual support to study coordinators who are burdened with many study-related tasks, including: pre-screening patients, scheduling appointments, rescheduling study visits, and performing chart reviews/database searches.

Building a Strong Patient Database through Pre-Recruiting

Over the past few months, people have heard the media and the government increasingly discuss clinical trials and how important they are to finding vaccines and treatments for medical conditions, mostly in reference to COVID-19. This increase in discussion and awareness is beneficial to recruitment and education surrounding the need for and importance of clinical trials.

While some studies have recently paused enrollment, patient recruitment through advertising can still be effective in building a patient database of interested potential participants for when these studies reopen enrollment. Many people are at home watching tv, listening to the radio, and going online now more than ever before. These individuals can go through our pre-screening technologies to determine if they meet most of the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the study. If pre-qualified, the information of potential participants can be stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant database for sites. By doing so, sites will have a resource available to them to quickly contact pre-screened patients once enrollment is reinstated.

Patient Engagement and Retention

Many trials are continuing with existing studies, some finding ways to move towards a more virtual monitoring system and process. To avoid consequences of a complete trial shutdown, sponsors are asking enrolled participants to follow study protocols and carry on with their responsibilities. To keep patients focused and study compliant through these challenging times, a strong patient engagement and retention program is vital. Our proprietary and remote patient-centric platform is a powerful tool for ongoing studies. Within this platform, patients can:

  • Stay engaged through curated content relevant to their interests and medical history
  • Receive automated study reminders for study visits, phone interviews, taking study medications, and more
  • Have direct communication with their site and study staff through our in-platform messaging system
  • Create calendar events and personal reminders to keep themselves on track for specific study-related tasks

We are all facing situations we have not previously faced, situations that can bring some challenges to the clinical trial process. The CSSi team is here to work with you to overcome some of these challenges and prepare now for when things begin to normalize.

Please contact us if you find yourself in need of support with any of the items mentioned above. We are ready to be of assistance.