FAB Study

FAB Study

Type of Study - This study was for the removal of hair utilizing laser.

Study Name Inspiration - Face/Neck, Armpit & Bikini = FAB

Logo Vision - Using fine thing font to resemble hair

Color Selection - Yellow shows energy and the shape of a laser burst and blue is often associated with depth and stability.This study was for the removal of hair utilizing laser.

FAB Study

Printed materials

Patients review and learn more about the study when reading printed materials, driving them to take action by talking to their doctor, calling the phone number or visiting the website to find out more information about the clinical trial. Each material is carefully designed to bring attention to the study and communicate important information on the study.

FAB Study

Responsive website development

Making sure study websites are compatible with all devices is important so users are able to view the website anywhere. Responsive Web Design makes web pages’ function on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).

Face it Study

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